About US


We want to help our clients maximize the value and benefits of their IT investments through sustained and disruptive innovations. Our mission is to be an ever-learning company and be relevant in the market to serve our clients in a meaningful way.

Our Awesome Team

Thirukkumaran Haridass

Thirukkumaran Haridass

Founder & CEO

An avid runner and reader Thirukkumaran is the chief energizing officer of Knowillence. He has managed global teams from USA, UK, India, Costa Rica. He recently completed Masters in Blockchain from Zigurat School of Innovation affliated to University of Barcelona.

Sinduja Solairaja

Co-Founder & Director Quality

As someone who is keen on quality in all aspects for the work done in Knowillence Private Limited, Sinduja leads human resources and software quality assurance processes. She helps deliver our projects with excellence. She lived and worked in US for almost a decade.

Nithyarani B

Senior Quality Engineer

Nithyarani has extensive experience in software testing. She has excellent domain knowledge in US insurance industry. She is very proficient in various testing approaches and automation testing tools. 

Kalicharan L

Marketing Analyst

Kalicharan joined Knowillence as a fresher and worked as marketing intern. He grew on to take responsibilities for pre-sales. Now he is working with clients around the globe to understand their needs and identifies opportunites to work with the prospects and clients.

Mahadevan T

Senior Software Engineer

Mahadevan was currently pursuing his PhD in Taiwan and is on break. He is working on various digital transformation projects for our global clientele. He holds a master degree from Anna University.

Jayadileepan N

Marketing Analyst

Jayadileepan is a computer science graduate who handles content and social media marketing. He is passionate about photography. He conducts market research across textile industry and helps us build products and solutions for textile industry.

Manoj M

Senior Software Engineer

Manoj is leading the Microsoft .NET technology team at Knowillence. He is architecting a product for the textile industry that runs standalone on-premise and in future on cloud as SAAS. He is passionate about pets.

Employee Testimonial

I joined Knowillence as an intern right after completing my last semester. After 3 months of internship, I was given an offer to work for Knowillence as a full time employee. I definitely learnt and learning a lot of things by working alongside our whole team and the manager who never fails to give us the right inputs. I also got the opportunity to interact with global clients that Knowillence is working with. A good working atmosphere and right people is all you need to learn and implement new things and I can assure that Knowillence is one such place. The most important and a special thing that I look up on our company is the “Process” we follow – Jayadileepan N – Marketing Analyst.

Our Values


In today’s world of business of building trust by integrity is a must. We believe in the 3Ts – Trust, Transparency and Truth to be the core values of our organization.

Ever Learning

To serve our clients the best we want to learn continuously and stay relevant to the market and deliver excellent services and products to the customers. We believe that the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing. Learning is the fuel for change and being adaptable to change is a necessity for survival.

Going extra mile

Going extra mile for our customers is something we want to live by. We don’t want to stop where we meet customers expectations. We live by the motto that expectations must be exceeded.

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