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How to participate in the blockchain revolution? Here are some ideas.

Zeitgeist of 2008 financial crisis and anti-establishment mindset

The world has seen many financial crisis and the one that will be remembered was decades to come will be the great recession of 2008 which came to light with the collapse of the 158 financial firm Lehman Brothers in 2008 …

Bitcoin from contraband to currency of daily use

The journey of bitcoin is amazing from being used in dark web, silk route to becoming a mainstream currency on par with the reserve currency of US dollar is amazing and the story that has some myths and legends …

Decentralization an idea whose time has come

The anti-establishment view after the global financial crisis of 2008 led to movements in all spheres with decentralization as main theme. The movement is heading towards making things more participatory …

Internet is not email and blockchain is not bitcoin

The entry barrier to blockchain world was very high due to the technical complexity of building individual blockchain networks for each use case but Ethereum democratized creating applications on blockchain …

Internet of information to internet of value

There is no original in the world of internet. Everything is a copy. This is about to change with the blockchain which is transforming the internet from internet of information to internet of value …

DeFi(ing) the odds of financial inclusion

The traditional way of lending and borrowing is changing at a rapid pace and crosses the borders of all countries with the decentralized finance movement. Building a financially inclusive society is now a reality …

Wordsearch Puzzle: Cryptocurrencies

Can you find the textile processes in this puzzle?Instructions: Click on the starting letter and move mouse over rest of the letters and then click on the ending letter and it will select the word and mark it as identified.

Blockchain related videos

We are following the NFT, DeFi, Web3 and dApp trends on blockchain platform. Here are some videos that will give you an introduction to these topics.

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