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Blockchain and why it matters

The Blockchain era is an epoch-making era. There are two fundamental values that blockchain brings to the digital world. The first one is the possibility to create something unique in a digital world inside a network that cannot be copied or reproduced both within and...

Yaapiyal Rollout

Yaapiyal runs natively on Google Cloud Platform. You can rollout Yaapiyal to your organization. Please go through this video to understand the steps for Yaapiyal rollout.

Why did we develop Yaapiyal?

We developed Yaapiyal our intranet solution to manage the tasks. This product was released as open source under MIT license in GitHub. To know more about why we developed Yaapiyal watch this video.

Why cloud computing for a startup?

Our developers and our customers asked why a startup need to use cloud platform. Startup don’t have much of data or files to store. They don’t have elaborate processes or long running programs. These are some of the objections we get when we say the words “cloud...