Cloud Storage Solution

This is a free solution offered to migrate enterprise storage to Google cloud storage.

Who can use this?

This product is developed for mid-level organizations that spend lots of money backing up their data in the platforms like Google workspace, AWS, Azure, etc. The ultimate goal of this product is to reduce the cost spent for the backup by the clients. This remedy primarily works for organizations that have bought google workspace and spend month-on-month recurring amounts to maintain their backup in the cloud and even sometimes they might require upgrading their plans to gain more storage. Check out the Google Workspace pricing here

What are the problems faced by the companies?

I’ll list down a few problems that companies face on a daily basis. 

    • Cloud storage costing: As mentioned earlier, the enterprises will be given the option to choose a plan in google workspace based on their need. This might sound like an advantage initially, but when the organization grows, eventually the data will also grow and at that time, they should switch on to the next level and upgrade their plan in order to get more storage space. So upgrading every account in the organization to the next level would end up in spending more money to secure the data in space.
    • Manual backup: After setting up every backup system, the users will be moving their files to a common location or server on a day-to-day basis. This manual intervention has a high risk of causing errors like losing data mainly, having duplicates and occupying excess storage, etc.
    • Disaster recovery: At a point, if the user tends to lose all the data then he has to look for a backup, and then it would take time to align things and get back to work. This would affect the productivity of the user and the team that is dependent on them.

How could this application benefit the company?

By using this product, the user can get rid of problems like a hike in cloud storage costing or upgrading plans, manual backup, and would help the client to immediate disaster recovery.


Client’s Basic requirements to use this product?

This is a desktop application and the client would require a google account to get through the process and set things up.

Next Steps

We will be posting about customer and employee management, how to create and track job orders, how to manage the inventory and other operations in the next series of posts. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email and schedule a demo of this tool.

N. Jayadileepan

Marketing Analyst

Jayadileepan handles presales at Knowillence Private Limited. He works with technology departments of various companies to understand their IT needs and answers them questions and validates the solutions. He has very good domain knowledge in textile industry.

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