Use cases for cognitive automation

In this post we will explore some simple use cases for which you can employ cognitive automation solutions. These automations can be deployed easily or integrated with your current systems easily. You don’t need a tonne of data to train them.

Use case 1: Appointment Booking

Knowillence developed a chatbot using DialogFlow from Google Cloud to help it is customer get appointment booking online. This chatbot is integrated to Google Calendar and it will book appointments for specific services on the calendar. Try out the chatbot and let us know your feedback. Calendar management is a tedious process for event management companies, hospitals and other b2c businesses. This solution can help you manage the calendar easily without any pain and make your customers a self-service customers for appointment booking.

Use case 2: Knowledge base

Another use case for chatbot is to maintain the list of frequently asked questions and answers by each team in a centralized spreadsheet like on Google Drive and then import that to DialogFlow via Knowledge Connector. This is very valuable to contact centers and customer care centers. Since the questions and answers are in centralized the company can give consistent response each time and it can also empower the frontline team to answer the questions correctly in the first time without fumbling through documents. 

Use case 3: Helpdesk Automation

Instead of user entering the request in standard HTML form based web page and creating ticket and update it back and forth use chatbot as a screening layer to filter out the requests and redirect them automatically to right person or provide a solution that the user can solve the problem themselves. Chatbot can also be used to verify the identity of the user before handing over the chat to the real person so that the conversations are always less frictional.


Use case 4: Optical Character Recognition

If you have lot of paper work in your office and want to digitize the documents then you can use computer vision to read information from the document and store it digitally and make it easy to search, index, quote from the documents easily. Computer vision is now providing almost 100% accuracy in OCR for documents in most languages. This is a use case that we have seen applicable to all our clients and we are pursing them.

Use case 5: Image Metadata

Computer vision now can extract lot of data from images. Computer vision can extract the quality of the image in terms of dpi, colors used in the image, objects in the image and languages of text used in the image, text content in the image. This makes the images completely searchable and help companies who deal with tonne of images to manage them easily. Imagine a site like that searches and serves many images every day.

Next Steps

Hope this post provided you with some ideas on which areas of cognitive automation can be employed in your organization. If you have any questions you can reach out to us on the contact page.


Founder & CEO

H.Thirukkumaran has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He worked in US for over 13 years for leading companies in various sectors like retail and ecommerce, investment banking, stock market, automobile and real estate He is the author of the book Learning Google BigQuery which explains how to build big data systems using Google BigQuery. He holds a masters in blockchain from Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School from Barcelona Spain. He is also the India chapter lead for the Global Blockchain Initiative a non-profit from Germany that provides free education on blockchain. He currently lives in Chennai India.

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