Synergize your teams

This post will cover why synergy is important within the teams and how will it help you bring you better results.


Stephen Covey said, “Synergy is better than your way or my way. It’s Our way”. Synergy is something that everyone has to look into and We have already covered the basics of synergy in our previous posts with some examples like relay race and horsepower. Click on the respective titles to take a look at those posts.

Importance of Individual’s contribution in a team

When it comes to teamwork/assignment, every individual in the team has to deliver their part to make the assignment complete. There will be a task assigned to a team and that team will first categorize the tasks and assign it to the members based on their profile. And then people will work on their respective tasks and deliver them within the deadline to the team. Even if one does not complete their task, then the task will remain incomplete no matter how many people have completed their tasks within the deadline. So every individual’s contribution is very much required for the team to deliver its outcome effectively.

Is it possible for an individual to complete the entire task assigned to the team?

Well you obviously know the answer, it is a big NO. One cannot take over the entire task assigned to a team and do it by self and deliver it within the due. It is practically impossible and no one ever thinks to do it. That’s where teamwork comes into play. When the team consists of persons with different roles who can split and take up a particular task that suits their role and can deliver it within the due, it would become practical and realistic. So is teamwork alone is enough? Is it really enough for an individual to come up and pick his/her task and deliver it in the due and move for the next one?

Synergize your teams

So everybody knows teamwork gives much better results than the individual’s effort. But what is required to go beyond that? Let me say you, it is “Synergy”. So as we mentioned in the previous post explaining about horsepower where two horses can individually pull up to 8,000 pounds of weight each. But if the 2 horses join and pull together it can pull up to 24000 pounds. This is because of the synergy. If the two horses are trained together then it can pull up to 32000 pounds in the place of 24000 pounds. In the same way, the synergy we were talking about is that 24000 pounds can already be achieved via teamwork. To go beyond that for 32000 pounds, Members in the team should be trained together and should have a good working relationship between them. That builds a good synergy between the teams and at the end of the day, they will be able to achieve a lot more than expected.


So the conclusion is as mentioned in this post’s topic Synergize your teams because that is something that people don’t take into consideration and don’t take as a big deal. I hope this post would have brought much clarity about the importance of synergy between the teams.

N. Jayadileepan

Marketing Analyst

Jayadileepan handles presales at Knowillence Private Limited. He works with technology departments of various companies to understand their IT needs and answers them questions and validates the solutions. He has very good domain knowledge in textile industry.

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