Synergy in Relay Race

This post defines about synergy and how it helps a team to win the relay race.

What is synergy?

The word  “synergy” means a combination of effort of two individuals put together which generates a massive output when compared to the same amount of effort, they put separately.

What is a relay race?

A relay race is a competition where four players will participate for every team. Each team will be handed over with a baton. Once the race begins, the set of first players will run towards the second player who will be waiting for the baton at his end. After he receives the baton, he will start running towards the third player who will be waiting on his end. Likewise, the third player will hand it over to the fourth player. And finally, the fourth player will run towards the finishing line with the baton. The first team which reaches the finish line will be announced as winners and the second team will be runners. Relay races are commonly conducted in running, swimming, ice skating.

How does synergy work in relay race?

No one can win a relay race single handedly. Winning a relay race requires coordination, proper planning with the team and finally work as a team to win the race. In normal races, a player has to run and cover a particular distance and come first to win the race. But relay race is unlike other races where all the four players should perform well and work together to win the race.  This is where synergy comes in relay race. The combined effort of multiple individuals, generates an output larger than the output of the efforts put separately. 


Jack Ma once said “If we are a good team and know what we want to do, one of us can defeat ten of them ”. So the synergy between the team will help them to achieve their goals in a much simple manner.

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