Admin Master in Buying House Product

This post will explain how the user should use the admin master module and more information about the specific module.


Admin master is one of the modules in the solution which needs to be entered by the admin in order to track the orders in the future and make entries using it. Admin master will contain screens like Buyers, companies, customers, financial year, Merchandisers.


In this screen, the admin will be able to enter the list of buyers that the admin has in his contact. To enter into the buyer screen, the user should click on the buyers under the admin master section in the side panel. To make an entry, create new button should be clicked. On the next page, the user should enter the buyer name, buyer code and click on the create button. By clicking on it, the entered data will be stored and will display in the buyer page. The user has an option to edit the entered data and delete it.


Companies are those that the buying house outsources the work. To access this screen Companies option should be clicked under the admin master section in the side panel. Click on the create a new button to make a new entry to a company. In create new screen, the user should enter the company details like company name, address, state, Pincode. By clicking create, the company details will be saved and a new entry will be created.


Customers are those who place an order to the buying house. The user can maintain their list here by entering all their details. To enter the details, click on create new button. In the next screen, the user should enter the customer details like customer name, email address, phone number and click the create button. The entry will be created and displayed on the customers screen.

Financial year and merchandisers

In the financial year screen, the user can make an entry of the financial years. By clicking create new, the screen will appear where the user can enter the year, start date, end date, and financial year code. The user can save it and use it for upcoming order entry purposes. Merchandisers are responsible for the shipment of orders. The admin can enter their details by entering their name, email id, and phone number and then save it. The entire list will be maintained on the merchandiser screen.

Next Steps

In the next series of posts, we will be posting about how to enter master data, create orders and other operations. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email and schedule a demo of this tool.

N. Jayadileepan

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Jayadileepan handles presales at Knowillence Private Limited. He works with technology departments of various companies to understand their IT needs and answers them questions and validates the solutions. He has very good domain knowledge in textile industry.

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