Job order Creation 

This post explains how to create a job order in Yaapiyal textile Lite software.

Job order is the key feature of Yaapiyal Textile Lite software to start the production process, by creating the job order the stages of production can be tracked. The user can create a new job order by entering the Job order details, product entry and Raw Material required.

Job Order Details Tab

In the job order details tab, the user should enter the Job order code and select the planned start date and the planned end date along with the actual start date and the actual end date using the date picker. The user can select the team members who are going to work against the job order using the check box in the team selection List panel. Then click on the Next button to navigate to the next tab.

Product Entry Tab

Next, the product entry tab will be displayed. In the product entry tab, the user can select the product, color and size by using the filter icon which is present in each column and then enters the quantity needed for the job order and click on the Next button which navigates to the raw material tab.

Raw Material Tab

The raw material tab displays the total length and weight required for each product based on size and color. The user can edit the unit length for the products if necessary. After entering all the data required, click on the Finish button. After clicking the finish button the job order will be created.

Job Order List

The list of job orders is present under the list of job orders tab. The user can check the list of job orders available. The status of the job order can be viewed by clicking on the arrow present in the left corner of every row. When the arrow has clicked the status of the job order will be displayed on the right side as a bar chart, where the user can track the status in an effective way.

Next Post

We will be posting about how to create bundles and update the job order to the various stages in the next series of posts. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email at and schedule a demo of this tool.

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