Job Order Details in Yaapiyal Textile Lite 

This post explains how the Job order stages are to be updated in Yaapiyal Textile Lite.

Job Order Team Tab

In the job order team tab, the user should select a particular job order, when the particular job order is selected, the team member for that job order, start date and end date of the job order will be displayed. If the user has any changes in the team members or in start date and date, it can be changed and saved in this tab. The total quantity of the job order will be displayed as a bar chart, where the user can track the status in an effective way. Also, the user can add notes regarding job orders and the notes can be saved.

Products tab

In the products tab, by selecting a particular job order the user can view the products that the team is going to work on. There is a print option where the user can take a printout of the order. The user can also make changes to the job order and save it. New products can also be added to the existing job order in this tab.

Raw materials tracking Tab

In this raw materials tracking tab,  If the user selects a job order they can know about the quantity of the raw material needed for the particular job order. The total amount of raw materials used for that order will be displayed. This will be manually entered and saved by the user for tracking purposes. The raw material inventory status is also displayed on this screen so that the user can update the raw material inventory once the job order is created.

Fabric Cutting Tab

The next step is fabric cutting, the user can update the fabric weight and wastage weight of the fabric while cutting and can save cutting details. This screen also displays raw material inventory status, the user can update the inventory.

Bundle Tracking Tab

In the bundle tracking tab, the user can select a product and enter the bundle quantity to be bundled. If there is any rejected quantity then the user can enter the rejected quantity and save the bundle. Once the bundle is created the user can allocate the cutting master, tailor, quality check team, ironing and packing team in this screen. If not there are separate screens where the users can allocate team members to the respective jobs.

Piece Cutting Tab

Once the cutting master completes cutting the user should enter the details like SKU (product name), Cutting master name, cut date, cut quantity, rejected quantity and save the details. The saved details will be displayed on the screen. By selecting the SKU (product name) on the right side of the screen the user can check the details in the bar chart view.

The same method will be followed for stitching, quality check, ironing and packing process. The user can enter the data for every level of the process.

Rejected Piece Tab

If any product rejected at any level of production then the user can enter the product name, name of the employee the product is transferred from, the name of the employee who received the product, date of product transferred, quantity of the product transferred, product return date, the total number of returned quantity and change the record status to active and save the details. This helps the user to track the rejected piece count.


Hope this post provided you with guidelines on how the Job order stages are to be updated in Yaapiyal Textile Lite.  If you have any questions you can reach out to us on the contact page.

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