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We developed a software solution that could make life easier for textile companies that deal with e-commerce rather than export. This is a web application, you can take a look at the demo by clicking here. To know about the pricing and other details please contact us.

Who can use this?

This product is specially developed for the textile clients who manufacture products daily and sell them via e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Because these types of companies have a huge ache in managing their daily orders as well as their production. Where the scenarios of export companies are entirely different. They get a bulk order from the client like they need n number of products to be delivered in n number of days. In such a case they just have to focus on the daily production rate and the quality of the product. But handling a manufacturing company that sells on e-commerce is totally different. The management has to keep an eye on the market and the sales, based on that they should make their production. So this product will help them manage their daily tasks including job order tracking, e-commerce delivery management, and a lot more.

What are the problems faced by the companies?

I’ll list down a few problems that these type of companies face on a daily basis. 

    • Stock management is something that the company should frequently look at. If there is insufficient stock of raw materials or products in the inventory, then it stops the routine of production and if production gets affected, then it will impact sales.
    • The production process involves steps like cutting, stitching, Quality check, ironing, packing, and finally the end product will fall into the inventory for sale. Here the user will note down the bundle and the worker who is working on it. After every process, the supervisor has to go and check on the bundles and make a note of them. Most of the time the companies lose track of the process, they can’t exactly track where the bundle is, at what stage it is in, and who is currently working on it. They also cannot track the productivity of the workers. There are cases where the bundles have gone missing.
    • Wage calculation also depends on the production. The workers will have their notebook where they will have a count of products that they worked on. From the management side, the supervisor will have a notebook in which he will have the count of products that each worker has worked on.  At the end of the week during wage calculation, when the count does not match, then the issue will arise. Then they have to check all the job orders that worker has worked on that week and so on. There are such complications.
    • E-commerce sales and product inventory management. Though all the e-commerce platforms give their own admin view for their sellers with specialized sales reports and some fancy stuff, that will not fully help in managing the inventory. Certain platforms will have the numbers for the users like they should have a minimum of this number for every product in their inventory. At the same time, the seller should also see the sales and modify the production accordingly. If ‘x’ product is fast-moving, then the production numbers of that product must be increased and the slow-moving product’s numbers must be reduced.

How could this application benefit the company?

This product can really solve a lot of problems that users come across on a daily basis. I’ll list down the solutions that this product solves for the problems given above.

  • Stock management It gives the live status of the inventory and detailed report of which raw material is used under which joborder and more. The application automatically alerts the user to refill the stock if it reaches a certain level.
  • Production The user can track every job order’s current status using this application. Yaapiyal helps user to get in depth and track the job order in a bundle level. User can find who is working on which bundle and how long it is been taken to complete it. Just by knowing the bundle id, the user can instantly search it on the application and find the status of the bundle.
  • Wage calculation When the bundle is completed and transferred from one worker to another, the numbers will automatically update on the specific worker’s name. At the end of the week, the user can generate a report where the list of all products worked by the workers will be displayed.
  • E-commerce sales and product inventory management. The user can generate invoices through this software. While generating the invoice, the sales will be tracked and the user can generate a monthly sales report and analyze the sales of every product. As mentioned above the product inventory will alert the user if it gets down to a minimum level. This will help the user to boost the production of that specific products.


  • Job order tracking
  • Bundle level tracking using QR code
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Employee wage calculation
  • Sales management

Client’s Basic requirements to use this product?

This is a web application hosted in google cloud, so clients can open the browser and enter into the application by entering the Url. The client would require a QR scanner and a barcode printer to generate QR.

Next Steps

We will be posting about customer and employee management, how to create and track job orders, how to manage the inventory and other operations in the next series of posts. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email jayadileepan.n@knowillence.com and schedule a demo of this tool.

N. Jayadileepan

Marketing Analyst

Jayadileepan handles presales at Knowillence Private Limited. He works with technology departments of various companies to understand their IT needs and answers them questions and validates the solutions. He has very good domain knowledge in textile industry.

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