Yaapiyal Textile Light

We developed a software solution for textile companies to start tracking their production process efficiently. This product is a desktop application that you can download and start using it once you sign up for this product. We offer 1 year free trial for this product. You can contact us about this product here.

What problem it solves

This light weight edition allows companies to track the progress of job orders through stages like cutting to bundling to stitching to finished product. The order can be tracked at bundle level with QR code. It can also help management identify the productivity and quality of each worker involved in the job order production.

Who should use this

If you are textile manufacturer who has not used any software for tracking production then this starter edition is the best for you to get started. If you are using spreadsheet to track order at high level but need to track at bundle level for better control over resources and timeline to deliver this order then this starter edition is good for you.

What infrastructure do I need to run this software

You need a Windows based computer to install this desktop application and you can start using it after you receive your credentials and license key. The database for this is hosted in cloud and all operations like backup and recovery are maintained by our team. There is not need for any type of servers like application server or database server to be installed in your company.

First Steps

You can enter the master data for the list of colors, size, fabric, products and product size measurement. This is a one-time setup that will be used when creating job orders. We have attached the screens for your reference.

Next Steps

We will be posting about how to create job order and how to create bundles and track raw materials inventory and product inventory in the next series of posts. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email kalicharan.l@knowillence.com and schedule a demo of this tool.

Kalicharan L

Marketing Analyst

Kalicharan handles client engagements for Knowillence Private Limited. He works with textile companies ranging from small mills to global exporters and has built a very good knowledge about the textile domain over the years. He is leading the solutions development for textile industry in Knowillence.

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