Job Order Process In Yaapiyal Tex

This post explains about how to create a job order, how to track it and how to update it after each stage is finished.

Job order Creation

To create a job order, the user has to click on the job order list option which displays under the job order section on the side panel. In that screen all the job orders created this far will be displayed. The user can view the full details of any job order or delete it by clicking the respective icons. To create a new job order, click on the add new button which will be present at the bottom. A popup window will appear where the job order code will be displayed automatically, the user has to select the date, product, cloth name, print name and then select the color, size and quantity for the selected product. By clicking on add row and delete row buttons, new rows can be added for new color/size combination or it can be deleted. By clicking on the save button, the job order will be created.

Raw material update and Bundle Creation

By clicking on the full details icon, the user will be taken to the job order full details screen where the user can track the stages like cutting, bundle create, stitching, ironing and packing. To get into those stages the user first has to enter the raw materials they are using for the particular job order. In the raw material update tab, the user has to click on the edit icon and enter the total raw material taken, used and wasted in Kgs. After updating the raw material quantity, the particular amount will be reduced from the raw material inventory. The next process is cutting the fabric. So after cutting the fabric, the user has to update the cutting master name and the cut quantity. Now the user has the cut quantity, the next step is to create bundles for the available quantity. The user has to click on the edit icon present in the bundle create tab. In that edit screen, the user has to enter the new bundle quantity. If more bundles are needed then the plus icon can be clicked to add more bundles. After entering the quantities, by clicking submit button the data will be saved. There will be a print icon present in every row of the bundle. By clicking it, the QR code will be generated with a unique id. The user can take a printout of it and paste it into the respective bundle.

Job order status update

The user can change the status for the bundles by clicking the Production field under the job order section. In that screen, the user either has to scan the bundle’s QR or enter the bundle id. By doing so, the user can view the details of the bundle. There the user has to select the employee name and in-time while handing over the bundle. After the bundle is handed over back, the out time check box has to be clicked. So that the handed-over time will be recorded. Likewise, the user has to mark the in-time and out-time for every stage like stitching, Quality check, ironing, packing and other works. After the bundle is processed and packed, the bundle quantity will be added to the product inventory.

Job order- bundle tracking

The user can track the status of the bundles by clicking the job full list field below the job order section in the side panel. On that page, the in-progress bundles list in tailor, QC, ironing and packing stages will be displayed. Rejected bundle list will be displayed on the rejected bundle list page. There the user can find the details of the rejected pieces like job order name, bundle id, quantity, rejected quantity, QC name, tailor name.

Next steps

We will be posting about how to maintain sales and calculate wages in the next series of posts. If you are interested to try this product you can contact us via email and schedule a demo of this tool.

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