Freshers job opening

Location: kurichi housing unit, phase 1, COIMBATORE


Rs. 15,000 to 25,000  per month depending upon the readiness of candidate to work on client projects.


Bachelors or masters in computer science degree (non-engineeers are welcome to apply)

Joining Date

Sep 9, 2021 or earlier.

Job Description

  1. Candidates will be developing web applications in Python or C# language.
  2. Candidates will be working in MySQL or SQL Server databases.
  3. Candidates will be preparing documents as per the project processes.

Skills Required

Excellent written skills in English. Candidates will be asked to write an Essay on a topic for 500 words during the interview. Time allotted for this will be 1 day.

Excellent spoken skills in English – Candidates will be asked to present a PPT with 5 slides for 15 mins.

Candidates must be good in mathematics and be able to solve some basic math problems like factorial, fibonacci, arithmetic progression, linear equation.

Candidates must be able to write algorithms for basic programming constructs like for loop, while, if..else etc.

Work Location 

  • Knowillence Private Limited,
    C-90 Kurichi Housing Unit,
    Phase -1, SIDCO POST
    Coimbatore – 641021

  • Training period

  • 2 months

  • Probation period
  • 3 months after training
  • Notice Period 

  • 1 month

Send your resume to