யாப்பியல் (Yaapiyal)

Yaapiyal is our product suite that serves as a foundation for all our products. All our products run on Google Cloud Platform. Check out the products and contact us to try.

Yaapiyal intranet

Yaapiyal Intranet is an open source product that helps companies manages various resources from people to projects and tasks. It contains various modules for HR, Marketing, IT operations and Finance.

It is a free and open source and the source code is available in GitHub released under MIT license. The products runs natively on Google Cloud Platform.


This is our SAAS solution running on Google Cloud Platform. This product helps textile companies do production planning of garments and track the status of the job orders. It provides modules to keep track of raw material inventory and manufactured products. This provides automated alerts for low inventory and has modules for retail sales which supports GST. Data can be exported for GST filing from this software.


Yaapiyal Intranet

It is our free and open source project that acts as intranet for your company operations. It helps you manage your resources like human resources, finance, projects, tasks, infrastructure and marketing. 

Yaapiyal Source Code

You can download the Yaapiyal source code from the GitHub repository.

Yaapiyal Technology Stack
  • PHP 7
  • CodeIgniter
  • MySQL
  • Apache Web Server (local)
Google Cloud Platform

The following services are needed to host Yaapiyal on Google Cloud Platform

  • Google AppEngine Standard
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Stackdriver
  • Google Email
  • Human Resource – Employee Full Details, Leave Management
  • Marketing – Clients and Contacts 
  • Projects – Tasks, Test Plans, Team Management, Infrastructure Management
  • Finance – Expenses and Approvals

You can visit the demo site If you need help hosting it in your infrastructure please contact us via live chat or contact page.

Installation Tutorial

You can try installing the software in Google Cloud Platform using the tutorial videos in this link.


Yaapiyal Textile

It is our SAAS offering that is currently in beta testing by our early adopters clientele. It will released to mainstream market by Jan 2021. If you are interested in evaluating it contact us via live chat or contact us page.

The software has various modules that are outlined in the right side panel. It provides flexible options to execute job orders are per your process and schedule. It helps make sure that all raw materials and resources are available for the job order before the job order starts in production.


This product helps you keep track of your raw material inventory and product inventory. The raw materials can be tracked at fabric, GSM, color and printed option. The products can be tracked at fabric, color, size and additional attributes. Automated alerts will be sent for low inventory products and raw material via SMS in real-time.

Job Order

Multiple job orders can be executed in parallel. You can track the progress of the job order through various stages like cutting, bundling, stitching, overlocking, elastic stitching, quality check, ironing and packing.


You can create bundles and track the work progress at bundle level in job orders. Track the count of pieces cut, stitched, quality checked at employee level. You can split bundles in the middle of the job order execution to prioritize production of few products. 

Wage Calculation

Wage calculation based on the piece count worked on by people of different roles like cutting master, tailor, elastic tailor, packing master at a day level can be done easily using predefined reports.


This product support B2B sales of manufactured goods. Customers can be grouped to different tiers and offer custom pricing with discounts.

GST Data Export

The GST data can be exported to plain CSV file and can be imported to GST filing software and make your GST filing an easy task.