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This is a pet project of our associates. They developed this when learning Flutter mobile development framework this year. This app is used to identify objects using Google Cloud Vision services. Prospects were always curious to see how computer vision based products will help their business. Companies that treat everything as a data need meta data from the images to analyze and categorize images. Give this app a try for your business and let us know your feedback.

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Privacy Policy

What we collect

The vision app uses your device camera and your photo library to upload an image to Google Cloud Vision service and get the meta data about the images uploaded by you. 

The images you upload are stored in your device and then uploaded to Google Cloud Vision API directly and are not stored elsewhere.


We are not responsible for any damages that arise out of your use of this application on any of the devices. While we have ensured maximum security for storing your data we are not liable for any hacking that exposes this sensitive data.


Where we store it

The pictures uploaded by the user is sent to the Google Cloud Vision API for extracting metadata out of it. Google Vision Privacy Policy and how it stores the data can be read here

How we use it

We use your data to evaluate your experience in using this application mainly looking for any problems you encountered in while using this application. We do not use your data for any other purposes. 

How to delete your data

All the data uploaded by the user and generated by Google Cloud Vision is deleted immediately once the application is closed by the user on their device. If you have any queries contact us via contact page.

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