Strategic Consulting

  • ECommerce Listing
  • Product Photoshoot
  • Backend Operations
  • ECommerce Analytics
  • Event Planning
  • Pricing Strategy

Ecommerce listing

List your products on multiple ecommerce platforms

  • Listing on Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal
  • Submit documentation and get approval.
  • List products on the ecommerce platforms.
  • Automate the interaction with various platforms.

product photoshoot

Present your product on internet

  • Photoshoot.
  • Product description and options definition.
  • Creating visual contents for the product.
  • Sharing product on social media channels.

event planning

Event planning and promotions

  • Full year event planning.
  • Promotion strategies.
  • Advertisement of promotions and offers.
  • Tracking ROI for promotions.

pricing strategy

Product pricing strategies

  • Lifecycle price management.
  • Pricing strategy for various channels.
  • Product purchase pricing strategies.
  • Product clearance sales strategies.

ecommerce analytics

Analytics for your ecommerce business

  • Gather data from various channels.
  • Analysis of KPIs.
  • Automated reports and presentations.
  • Predictive analytics.

backend operations

Streamline your backend operations to scale

  • Integration of your enterprise applications with ecommerce platforms.
  • Automate workflow in your backend operations.
  • Communicate seamlessly with stakeholders in real-time.
  • Trust building for your brand.

Developed a custom solution on Google Cloud to help a retailer send promotional SMS for birthdays and wedding anniversaries with coupon codes automatically on a schedule. This solution is integrated to work with the client’s existing CRM system.

Developed a custom solution to help retailer scan product images and use text analysis in the system to automatically recommend the top quality images and products with good description and images for listing on various ecommerce platforms and social media.

Planning events for a upcoming year for a retailer and providing comprehensive strategy for purchase of products, lifecycle price management for the products and promotion strategies for the events.