Technology Consulting

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Architecture Review
  • Knowledge Management
  • Program Management


Scale, Agility & Economics

In today’s uncertain economy, elasticity in computing is much needed for an enterprise. In projects that follow even agile delivery model, keeping multiple test environments unused for days is a waste of money for the company. Cloud computing solves various problems faced by companies. Do you have a cloud strategy for your organization? If the answer is no, let us meet.


Build a data-driven culture

Build a system that can get the data from various sources and run analysis and send you the detailed reports in minutes not hours. Build intelligent systems which can answer the user’s questions real-time. Leverage the latest technologies in data processing to extract useful and valuable information from your data. Finally build a data driven culture in your organization.


Complement cognitive computing

Add intelligence to your existing applications in your enterprise by tapping into various AI services offered by IBM, Google and Microsoft. Help your team use cognitive computing services so that the system can learn more about the users and serve them better. Automated repeatitive tasks including some analysis using AI. Drastically improve the productivity of your workforce.


Optimize your on-premise processes

  • Enterprise architecture review.
  • Guidance in procuring and implementing software.
  • Leveraging open source software and talent pool for your organization.
  • Optimizing the resource usage on your on-premise infrastructure.


Knowledge management process helps you build better AI systems

Do you envision an AI system performing tasks that were once done by humans in your organization? If the answer is yes then the first step is to tap into the knowledge of the current workforce in your organization. Knowledge management processes help capture the knowledge be it tactial or explicit and store it in a digital form and create a knowledge base. This will help build better AI systems for your enterprise.


Are you undertaking major initiative in your organization?

We can help you with program management. We help you implement agile execution model for your projects. We help you implement proper processes in various areas like configuration management, continous integration and continous delivery, risk analysis, ROI analysis. 

We recently provided strategy for a retailer to develop new set of applications that run on cloud and can help them manage their stores from anywhere. 

Currently helping a retailer from Asia to help build sophisticated backend systems for their franchsing business.

Helped a startup launch its online pharmacy business.