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 C-90 Kurichi Housing Unit, Phase 1  SIDCO Industrial Estate Post, Coimbatore – 641021, Tamil Nadu India.

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Kalicharan  +91-70109-95898

Our Service Catalog

Digital Transformation

Reinvent the way you work with a new set of technologies. Power your productivity by unleashing the possibilities offered by new technologies for your business.

Data Warehouse

Build a unified data warehouse. Modernize your database systems by migrating to the cloud. Empower your applications to log and retrieve data in real-time.


Build a data-driven culture in your organization by empowering your users with analytics tools. Automate alerts and reporting. Democratize the data with privacy and security features in place. Build self-service systems to empower your users to take a deep dive into the data.


We offer a wide range of services in the e-commerce area. We develop a website, a mobile app for e-commerce. We do digital marketing, SEO, SEM for brands in the retail sector.


If you are looking to set up an offshore center we can help you run the show. If you are looking to augment members to your existing team we can help you. We have a proven process track records to keep things on track.

Strategy Consulting

We do strategy consulting for textile manufacturing companies to help them optimize their processes and maximize output and quality.

Technical Consulting

If you are planning to introduce emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, and analytics, IoT, blockchain then we can help you with the planning and execution of projects in these areas.

Our global clientele

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Switzerland
  • China


  • Google Cloud
  • Google BigQuery
  • LAMP stack
  • .NET
  • Mobile 


  • Yaapiyal Intranet
  • Yaapiyal Textile Manufacturing
  • Yaapiyal Property Management

Hot and happening

We got a new ecommerce project from a startup in United Kingdom. 

New product launch

We are getting ready to launch a new production planning software for textile manufacturing in Jan 2021. 

Mobile Apps Update

This year we have developed 7 mobile apps so far. 4 in Flutter, 1 native, 1 React Native and 1 Xamarin.

About Us

Thirukkumaran Haridass is the founder of Knowillence Private Limited. Thirukkumaran has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. He is the author of the book “Learning Google BigQuery”. He lived and worked in the USA for 13 years. He worked for clients from various verticals like Automotive, Finance, Retail and Real Estate. He returned to India and started Knowillence to help clients execute projects in emerging technologies. He is an avid runner and reader. He has run half-marathons in Austin TX and Coimbatore India. He lives with his family in Coimbatore India.

We want to help our clients maximize the value and benefits of their IT investments through sustained and disruptive innovations.

Our mission is to be an ever-learning company and be relevant in the market to serve our clients in a meaningful way.

Our Product Yaapiyal

Posts from our blog

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This post is about what a mentor or manager expects from the professionals. There are six topics in total: Can he/she plan their work?Can he/she execute the plan?Can he/she organize their work products properly?Can he/she do it independently?Can he/she communicate...

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In this series of posts we will be explaining about how the journey of data warehouse modernization projects will be. The first step that we do when a company approaches us on data warehouse migration project is compiling the list of problems they face currently...


Our offices are closed since May 1, 2021. All our employees are working from home.

Job Openings

Job Title: Software Engineer

We are looking for a programmer who is well versed in PHP, Laravel, MySQL and Web API development. Candidates should have minimum of 2 years experience in the above mentioned technologies.

Employee Testimonial

I joined Knowillence as a fresh graduate. I learnt the LAMP stack and Flutter mobile app development and I worked on projects that run on Google Cloud. Certainly Knowillence gave me the leap in my career and looking forward to contributing more to the company.


Software Engineer


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