Project Portfolio

The following are the projects we have undertaken since our inception in 2018. Our clientele is global and they expect very high standards in all aspects of the projects.


DrMeds approached us to develop an online portal to fulfill prescriptions. We developed a website and helped client execute various marketing tests on the new site. Now they are back to develop a computer vision based mobile application to automate prescription fullfillment. 


Technology:WordPress, Woo Commerce

Payment Gateway: Razorpay

Franchise biz

Client was launching a chain of coffee stores in China and wanted to expand globally. We developed a franchise management system that contains point-of-sales, accounting, inventory and other services needed to run the business.

We also develop WeChat mini-app for their customers to order drinks from popular food distribution platforms in China.


Technology:Linux, MySQL, Apache/NGINX, PHP, CodeIgniter

Mobile Application WeChat Mini App for Android and iOS


Client is a retailer in India. He wanted to build a knowledge base for his company that stores information about various products, processes, people. They also want to store the list of problems they encounter daily and the solutions for them. This is to help them access the knowledge easily via devices like Android Assistant or Google Home.

Country: India

Technology:DialogFlow, MySQL, Python

Mobile Application Android Assistant

lotto solution

The client is a startup waiting to launch their business globally in Europe and Asia after the pandemic. This is the biggest projects we have undertaken in 2020. The project consists of 1 Website, 1 Web API and 3 mobile apps. The project is completely hosted and running in Google Cloud Platform. It also has a data warehouse built using BigQuery and helps client detect frauds and identify patterns easily. The client is also evaluating Etherum ERC-721 token implementation for this project. 

Country: Global

Technology: PHP, MySQL, Google AppEngine, Google BigQuery

Mobile Application:  ReactNative, Flutter, Xamarin


Client is a popular business group in Tirupur India. They wanted a system that will allow them to manage their real estate properties and collect rents via online and be GST compliant easily. The challenge in this project is that client does not want mobile app for any user who use this system. We worked around this constraint by using SMS as a medium to collect rent and communicate with tenants.

Country: India

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Google AppEngine, Google Data Studio

Payment Gateway: RazorPay


Client launched a startup 2 years ago and it had a very steady growth in terms of sales on various channels like local affiliate network, online sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

The challenge client faced was to track the production of good, inventory of raw materials and finished products. The client wanted to trace the return of goods to production history to find out what went wrong and when.

We digitized the processes we suggested to the client via our own solution and helped them achieve these goals.


Country: India

Processes: Inventory Management, CRM, Production Planning

Software Solution: Yaapiyal Textile