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Client is a telematics startup that is helping the transport companies manage their assets better and track their usage, maintenance and other factors.

The project was presented with immense technical challenges and we are working to rebuild it completely that it can run cloud native and scale seamlessly.


ECommerce website

The client is a world renowned entreprenuer from Europe. We developed an ecommerce website for the client to sell their wines online in the UK market. The project was developed from the scratch using open source technologies and integrated various third party components and Stripe payment gateway that support Apple Pay and Google Pay. The site is hosted and running on Google Cloud Platform using Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and a dynamically scalable server.


Country: United Kingdom

Industry: Wine


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Google Cloud, Stripe with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Franchise management solution

Client was launching a chain of coffee stores in China and wanted to expand globally. We developed a franchise management system that contains point-of-sales, accounting, inventory and other services needed to run the business.

We also develop WeChat mini-app for their customers to order drinks from popular food distribution platforms in China.


Country: China

industry: Beverages



Linux, MySQL, Apache/NGINX, PHP, CodeIgniter, WeChat Mini App for Android and iOS.

Lotto Solution

The client is a startup waiting to launch their business globally in Europe and Asia after the pandemic. This is the biggest projects we have undertaken in 2020. The project consists of 1 Website, 1 Web API and 3 mobile apps. The project is completely hosted and running in Google Cloud Platform. It also has a data warehouse built using BigQuery and helps client detect frauds and identify patterns easily. The client is also evaluating Etherum ERC-721 token implementation for this project. 


Country: Global

Industry: Sports


PHP, MySQL, Google AppEngine, Google BigQuery, ReactNative, Flutter, Xamarin

Rental collection solution

Client is a popular business group in India. They wanted a system that will allow them to manage their real estate properties and collect rents via online and be GST compliant easily. The challenge in this project is that client does not want mobile app for any user who use this system. We worked around this constraint by using SMS as a medium to collect rent and communicate with tenants.


Country: India

industry: Real Estate



PHP, MySQL, Google AppEngine, Google Data Studio, RazorPay

Textile production planning

Client is a textile manufacturer who sells their branded clothes on various leading online portals. Their production planning process was manual and not data-driven. The client was looking for a solution to digitise their production planning process. The solution helped the client to transform their production process close to just-in-time manufacturing by being able to predict the demand with previous historical orders.


Country: India

Industry: Textile


PHP, MySQL, Google AppEngine

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