Knowledge Management Consulting

Beyond data and information, knowledge is an asset that companies need to manage. With new set of processes and technologies capturing knowledge passively is becoming easy.

Document generation

People no longer need to type cumbersome and detailed documents. They can record audio and video as a part of their work and then we can use AI tools to generate documents that are made searchable within the company.

Atoms to bits

With OCR technologies offered by various computer vision products converting paper documents to digital documents is easy. This makes the information searchable and indexable for faster retrieving.


Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation offer an easy way to capture the information needed to create a document. We don’t need to take out the productive time of the users to generate useful documents anywhere.

Metadata about documents

Generating metadata about a document, its contents and the resources it uses is now made easy and this makes the documents more useful for classification.

Building knowledgebase

Building a knowledge base is becoming easy and a no-code or low-code solution can help you with that. FAQs are extracted from the documents and fed into a natural language processing system and thereby users can use a chatbot-like interface to get their questions answered.

Documents to FAQs

We are working on a solution using machine learning algorithms to convert documents to FAQs and break them down for users to understand them easily and also track the validity of the documents over a period of time.

Augmented Intelligence

With the knowledgebase ready for use it serves as a step-by-step guide in training the users on their tasks. I can also verify the standards with which the task is performed. Empowering users with AI at all levels of an organization is now becoming a reality.

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