Technology Consulting

We work with clients to introduce various emerging technologies like cloud, big data and analytics, IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Cloud Computing

Leverage the elasticity of resources in terms of computing, storage and networking offered by cloud platforms. Minimize the CapEX and reduce the OpEX by embracing cloud platforms.

Shared and standardized infrastructure

Why pay a premium for hardware that is going to lose its value and software that is not a competitive product? Instead, use the shared and standardized infrastructure offered by the cloud and scale up and down on-demand.

Host your SAAS

Cloud is the best option to host your SAAS solutions and also help you leverage sophisticated operations tools for continuous integration, continuous delivery, monitoring, troubleshooting, proactive intelligent alert, disaster recovery.

Specialized services

Use specialized services in the cloud platform to rearchitect your applications to run with minimal hardware and run-time libraries requirements and thereby scaling your workloads in the cloud within your budget.

Big Data & Analytics

Data is everything and everything is data. Embrace this mantra and build a data-driven culture for your organization and empower users to understand reality unbiased.

6 steps of data transformation

We follow a six-step approach to help companies leverage data from all corners of their company and empower their users to take deep dive into the data.

Use unstructured data

Not all data is in table format. We help clients use the unstructured data and extract valuable insights from it and make them more useful.

Be prepared for future

Data was used in the past to know about the past but now it is equally used to predict the future. Transform your organization to be proactive using predictive analytics.


Blockchain has revolutionized the way we build trust between B2B and B2C and decentralization is a force that no one can deny. This has given rise to unprecedented options in the digital world.

Building trust digitally

Blockchain helps to build a trusted network that runs on predefined rules and transparency. It helps to do business between strangers easily and transparently. The cryptography and the immutable ledger adds value to build trust.

Internet of value

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have transformed the internet from the internet of information to the internet of value where people can hold assets that are completely digital. NFTs, Metaverses provide a new opportunity for companies to monetize their digital products and services and trade them in the global market.

Inclusive DeFi

With Bitcoin becoming a legal tender for a few countries it is now promoting decentralized finance which is for masses where money on the crypto network does not flow through banks instead it flows from people to people.

Artificial Intelligence

Repetitive automation has now reached its peak and companies that automated repetitive tasks are now ripe for cognitive automation. Using AI, Machine Learning companies pursue strategic cognitive automation projects.

Natural Language Processing

Start cognitive automation by introducing natural language processing to your applications and making your applications more interactive and the users productive. Improve on that to make the applications autonomous by adding intelligence to them.

Computer Vision

Use AI to not only capture what is happening but also to understand and narrate what is happening. Turn all your images, videos and other unstructured data into a searchable, classifiable asset. Computer vision has huge applications for all businesses.

Predictive Analytics

Predict your numbers to understand the risks and challenges and be prepared to make your business future-proof. Building data-driven culture and making them proactive with predictive analytics is a very big competitive advantage.

Internet of Things

The future is connected and only connected objects can be made intelligent. We work with hardware manufacturers and IoT companies to deliver a slew of services to various industries that move towards a connected future.

EV Ecosystem

We are working with electric vehicle manufacturing companies that are creating an ecosystem with vehicles, swapping batteries, charging stations, financing and regulations. The sheer volume of data generated by the connected vehicles is astounding and we are preparing to build a system that can scale and serve efficiently.

Fleet Management

Transportation as a service is now becoming the norm in major cities around the world and fleet management is made easy using IoT. Devices are available to track numerous things about a vehicle and this rich data helps save companies tons of money.

Industrial IoT

IoT is now employed in industrial manufacturing and used to monitor the making of the end product from raw material to packaged product. Defects in the process and product are now made more evident easily and help do deeper dive to find the problems.

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