Retail & Ecommerce Consulting

We help client in retail by offering strategy consulting, process consulting and help them in their ecommerce needs. We help them build a brand not just based on discounts but on winning and rewarding customer loyalty.



Getting Started

I want to launch an ecommerce website but not sure where to start.

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Many business people are trying to evolve through the digital path and every one of them knows that e-commerce plays a vital role in that evolution. If you are looking for a website and ready to transform, we are ready to help you. You may have a question about where to start, we are not the company who straight away get into the development part and just build a website. Initially, we do analysis on your sales and the products like competitor analysis and provide a detailed report. Based on the report, we start building the website which will be more effective for the clients.



Digital Marketing

I want to reach more potential customers and sell more products and services.

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Just building a website and launching it alone is not enough for the client. Our services also don't stop there. Reaching customers is the ultimate goal. We build a strategy for the clients on the SEO and SEM side through which they could reach more customers. Basically, we develop an SEO friendly website only, when the strategy also joins hands with that then definitely it will help the client have a great reach and sell more products.



Planning & Promotions

I want to plan and run promotions for my business to increase my reach.

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When we give some special offers and discounts or conduct a flash sale, first we need to promote it only then the customers get to know about the sale or offers. One cant simply promotes a product on social media, first, they have to get in deeply and check the analytics only then they will get an idea about doing the promotion. In such a case, we diligently spend time with the clients and make a promotional strategy which will be really useful when they implement it.



Pricing and Offers

I am unable to decide on the pricing lifecycle for my production and services.

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Discounts and offers are a strategic issue for any e-commerce business and need to be approached with the right method. We help clients in finalizing the pricing through our strategy. We do competitive analysis and through the report, the client will get a clear picture to make a decision on product pricing. We also help clients with e-commerce offer strategies like how to use discounts and coupons on product purchases.



Inventory & Operations

I want to strengthen the back office operations, planning and inventory.

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Inventory management is something that the client should be always aware of. Clients should always keep track of inventory which has become easier in a digital way. Along with the storefront we provide a really strong back office setup to which the client can easily access and get to know about more information that is happening on the website.



Build Network

I want to build a network that helps me sell more products both offline and online.

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Networking is essential in building a business, As mentioned earlier we provide a back-office setup which helps the client to keep track of registered customers and maintain a good relationship between the groups of customers. Email campaigns can be done through which the clients can build a network of potential customers.

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